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Can Your Profession Become Your Purpose?

Advocacy Is The Blood Brother Of Marketing.
We believe the best way to encourage consumers to pay for something is by helping brands stand for something. We reshape product benefits, strategies, channels & values into a new marketing alloy – a solution that allows folks to feel connected, valued & inspired. Our purpose is to conjure ideas that SPARK a more resilient bond – Where Consumers Become Enthusiasts and Brands Become Advocates.

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Should We Choose To Accept It

How did the yardstick for engagement become “Likes” & “Followers?”
We won’t be happy until consumers “Love” us and we want “Champions,” not followers.  So our thinkers are schooled in the forensics of cultural phenomenons – creating dynamic solutions that deliver on our mission to SPARK meaningful, durable engagement.

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Why Should Darth Vader Have All The Fun?

We commissioned a global study on intellectual properties to identify their replicable dynamics – to glean what unites everyone from Trekkies to Tuners. Every marketing solution we create – from content, to digital, to events = mimics the mojo of cultural phenoms. We call our deliverables – Hyper-Properties. They SPARK the functional, fabulous benefits of I.P.s.

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If We’re Just Having Fun, Then We’re Not Doing It Right

We don’t dig one-offs. That’s our dilemma. Our clients deserve more durable solutions, even if they don’t demand them. So we tap all of our divisions at the start of every project”¦kind of like bringing a bulldozer to a sandbox. The investment in time & resources is ours to make. It’s the only way to ensure ideas that SPARK new advocacy, revenue, partners, channels and more. Let others be the Aspirin. We want to be the Vitamin.


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