Flint and Steel | Job Opportunities
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Job Opportunities


We’re on the hunt for junior to mid-level copywriters. We are a seasoned shop with start-up nerve. Why? We’ve recently bought ourselves back from one of the big agency conglomerates, in an attempt to challenge the definition of what a marketing champion can be. This has given us renewed autonomy and creative freedom. We are democratic, intolerant of mediocrity and creating ideas that range from gaming, Sundance awarded films, category-shifting TV campaigns and more. And we’re doing it for clients including Pepsi, NASCAR, Glenfiddich, Topps, HBO and others.

Who are you? A young, passionate thinker, in the business for 0-4 years, who wants to experience real satisfaction in their job. A person for whom writing and creativity isn’t just a profession, it’s a calling. A person who wants to leverage all their varied interests to create things that are truly meaningful. You can concept big, think fast, and aggressively contribute to an inspired culture that wants and needs you.”

Send your portfolio link to Marc at: mgreengrass@flintandsteel.com