Flint and Steel | NBA
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Putting the Fan in Fantasy

Recognizing the long term value of youth fans, the NBA engaged asked us to develop an integrated youth marketing program to spark a pipeline of fans for today and tomorrow. We did that and more — we created a branded property called the NBA Hoop Troop, which served not just as an engine for consumer engagement, but as an annuity for the league.


The Hoop Troop was created to energize all NBA media channels and to establish a virtual ecosystem that rewarded kids for any and all participation with the brand. Fans were given points for watching, playing, purchasing and more. Those points had value in the Amazing Arena – a virtual arena where fans could customize their court, draft and trade players, receive V.I.P. upgrades & more! This Hyper-Property also provided the league with an additional asset to offer to partners and licensees.