Flint and Steel | Samsung
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Share the Voices in Your Head

Samsung was looking to forge a relationship with young adults in the hopes of igniting an allegiance with future consumers of their high-end flat screens and fridges. They saw MP3 players as their ticket, but faced a formidable challenge in the ubiquitous iPod, which hoarded 80% market share. For all its marvels, the iPod had an Achilles’ Heel: it made music a very solitary experience. For consumers 16–24, music is the universal translator, allowing them to express themselves, connect and celebrate. “When I blast my music it’s how I let my friends know how I’m feeling.” “It brings us together.” With the help of our culture think tank, the 5 Hives, and a global cultural crawl, our innovation team developed six game-changing platforms and products. The first to launch featured slide-out speakers with dynamic sound and interface.