Flint and Steel | Bazooka Joe 2.0
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Bazooka Joe 2.0

Rebooting a Pop Icon

Bazooka Joe is an iconic piece of Americana. A national icon. A comic pop star in his own right. But he’s been doing the same old gags for 62 years. Joe’s tired of his old-school look, he’s fed up with his writing team, and he’s ready to do something about it. Flint and Steel gathered world-class comic creators from all over the globe to create, contribute, debate, and vote on a “new Joe “. Bazooka enthusiasts can choose their favorite interpretation of the new Joe, ultimately creating a fresh crowd-sourced character for our digital age. Bazooka’s the gum that let’s you CHEWS after all. And this?? This isn’t the Joe you know…This is JOE 2.0!