Flint and Steel | The Black List
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The Black List

Transforming Diversity Into Unity

We created this Hyper-Property internally, to satisfy our itch to spark meaningful dialogue around diversity. The Black List presents the stories of 25 of the most influential and inspiring African-Americans of our time. Our documentary was the first film sold at Sundance in 2009 and was hardwired to energize a hosts of consumer channels – including inschool curriculum, community events, museum tours, digital platforms and more. Going beyond the sound-bites and practiced prose of the press, these authentic accounts furnish us with a viewfinder of the American story. It delivers to corporations the alchemy to transmute well-intentioned mission statements into inspired advocacy. Since it’s inspired inception, the property has been expanded to include Latinos, LGBT, Women, Boomers and more – with each new title assuring us that the seismic voice of each person’s narrative illuminates not just what makes us different, but what makes us the same.